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The Best of the Best! TRAV’LER Satellite Antennas are designed to bring you EVERYTHING that satellite television offers.

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Even when on the road. Watch TV programming from around the world powered by Winegard RV

Mobiltec Satellite Services Ltd. is Calgary’s premiere choice for motorized satellite solutions. Although our product of choice is the outstanding Winegard product line, we can install and service all makes and models. With over 15 years of service in the RV satellite industry, that makes us the definitive experts when it comes to providing the knowledgeable and quality service our clientele have come to expect.
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Never miss a show
And, best of all… “We come to you”. Our full on-site service in the Calgary and surrounding area means less hassle for you. Just leave your RV parked where it is and we’ll show up with everything you need to take your “show” on the road. All you have to do is pick up the phone, make the call and we take care of the rest.
TRAV’LER Shaw Direct
  • Watch your favorite Shaw Direct shows in high definition
  • Watch any program on any TV in the RV.
  • Made with approved and certified reflectors to provide the strongest signal strength.
  • Stows to less than 10 inches
TRAV’LER Shaw Direct
  • Receive programming from multiple satellites, just like at home
  • Made with approved and certified DISH reflectors for strongest signal strength
  • Works great with DVRs so you never have to miss your favorite show
  • Compatible with DISH® Hopper®
  • Receives all SD and HD programming for DISH and Bell TV
  • Stows to less than 10 inches
TRAV’LER Shaw Direct
  • Fully automatic roof mounted antenna with one button on/off operation
  • Watch LIVE programming while traveling down the road
  • Quiet system with improved tracking — updated design reduces noise and improves tracking capabilities
  • Winegard’s smallest in-motion antenna — requires minimal roof space and no storage space
  • Compatible with DISH (SD and HD), DIRECTV (SD) and Bell TV (SD and HD)
TRAV’LER Shaw Direct
Connecting to networks like never before- WiFi signal from public/private accessible WiFi hotspots (RV parks, rest stops, retail stores, etc.) is captured by Winegard ConnecT and is rebroadcasted throughout the RV for a secure connection at the fastest speed available.
  • Increased WiFi range
  • Secure personal connection
  • Simple to scan and find network
  • Connect to WiFi where others can’tNew Paragraph
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