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We offer a fully integrated solution, so that not only is your TV installed but everything is set up so that it works right away. It’s important to us that not only all your A\V components work, but that you know how to operate them to unlock the full potential of your system. Call us now and book an appointment to wall mount your TV. 
Call us now and book an appointment to wall mount your TV

Wall Mount Installation Packages

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Basic Install of TV on studded drywall up to 52” 52” and above
Mount TV on a bracket (not included)
Hide audio/video wires inside wall where possible
Hook up 4 video sources (cables not included)
Program Satellite or Cable remote
Clean up worksite
Customer Education
Add One Power Outlet at TV location using Power Relocate Kit $180 $180
Additional charges may apply for mounting TV on brick, tile or stone surfaces.
Call us for custom pricing on complete Media Room or Theater Room options
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