An Overview

Internet in Hamlet of Nightingale just got faster. People living in Nightingale and surrounding rural areas can now get faster Internet with speeds up to 50 Mbps. That is double the speed of what was previously offered.

Mobiltec, an authorized Xplornet™ dealer, can now install Internet from upgraded towers that are near Nightingale. Surf, stream and playing online games faster is just one phone call away.

Mobiltec can ensure switching to Xplornet™ is easy and quick.

We believe that reliable, high-speed Internet service shouldn’t cost a fortune. Unlimited data plans are now available and come with the peace of mind of knowing that you will not be charged for additional data or overage fees.

If you want to save additional money, you can look into the Home Phone plans that come with unlimited calling, and have a low monthly price with all the features included.

We understand the Internet needs in rural Southern Alberta and are committed to provide our customers with exceptional service. The new Internet speeds are so good that we can stand behind the service. Xplornet™ has a risk free 30 day policy.

Call us today at 403-917-1050 or email us at and ask us any questions, and we can get you hooked up with faster Internet in the Nightingale area!