An Overview

Mobiltec Satellite Services Ltd. is delighted to announce new home LTE Internet Services are now

available to rural areas including, De Winton, Foothills, Priddis, along with many other rural areas south

of Calgary!

Xplornet launched three new Internet towers in the Foothills and De Winton areas in late 2019. These

towers are capable of providing internet speeds up to 50 Mbps for fast downloading and streaming, and

also have full speed unlimited data options. There are some exciting new packages available both to

new and existing customers.

Mobiltec Satellite Services Ltd. is your local Xplornet dealer in Calgary and the surrounding rural areas.

Please contact us directly to discover your eligibility towards Unlimited Data packages and faster rural

Internet speeds. Whether you are a gaming professional, have a home business, or are a light internet

user that just wants to be able to stream, everyone deserves reliable Internet and we have customizable

packages for all types of users.

Please call or email Mobiltec directly, and our team can help find the right Internet package and alertyou to the best deals now available, including a limited time offer on Xplornet’s new 50 Mbps packagewith Unlimited Data!

Call 1-403-237-9393 now!